Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gross Profit Margin - Windows Mobile 8 Application


Gross Profit Margin (published 2013-12-04) is a Windows Mobile 8 Application that I developed after learning from salesman that he was frequently having to calculate the selling price of an item based on a given Gross Profit percentage. This was happening in front of customers during sales negotiations and the salesman, understandably, needed something quicker and easier to use. Inputting the calculations into a calculator to calculate the GP% impact was too cumbersome and using a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet would take too long to fire up on his laptop if not already open.

I therefore decided to create Gross Profit Margin as my first Windows Mobile 8 App in order to learn the latest Visual Studio development environment and to learn a new programming language, C#, as I have tended to use and Java in the past (it's very similar to Java!).

I published an update to the application on the Windows Phone Store 26th January 2015 to:-

  • Introduce a new Tax field (adjustable in a new settings menu). A feature requested by Matthew Wallace below in the comments section.
  • Tidy the user interface tidy the user interface
  • Remove unnecessary resource permision reference requirements (Sensors, media etc)
  • Utilise local storage so the variables entered now appear after exiting the app.
  • Added email functionality to share/save calculations.

The app icon still needs some attention, but I hope you find this program useful!



Just enter your Cost Price and then update any of the variables such as Markup or GP %, to instantly see the impact on the other statistics.

Possible Future Improvements

I will add some notes here about possible future improvements. This application is my first in the Windows 8 Mobile environment so it's pretty likely that there will be a bug or two to fix as well as a much needed interface overhaul as I learn about Windows Mobile 8 design styles!

Please submit suggestions for bug fixes or improvements to this app below in the feedback area.