Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gross Profit Margin - Windows Mobile 8 Application


Gross Profit Margin (published 2013-12-04) is a Windows Mobile 8 Application that I developed after learning from salesman that he was frequently having to calculate the selling price of an item based on a given Gross Profit percentage. This was happening in front of customers during sales negotiations and the salesman, understandably, needed something quicker and easier to use. Inputting the calculations into a calculator to calculate the GP% impact was too cumbersome and using a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet would take too long to fire up on his laptop if not already open.

I therefore decided to create Gross Profit Margin as my first Windows Mobile 8 App in order to learn the latest Visual Studio development environment and to learn a new programming language, C#, as I have tended to use and Java in the past (it's very similar to Java!).

I published an update to the application on the Windows Phone Store 26th January 2015 to:-

  • Introduce a new Tax field (adjustable in a new settings menu). A feature requested by Matthew Wallace below in the comments section.
  • Tidy the user interface tidy the user interface
  • Remove unnecessary resource permision reference requirements (Sensors, media etc)
  • Utilise local storage so the variables entered now appear after exiting the app.
  • Added email functionality to share/save calculations.

The app icon still needs some attention, but I hope you find this program useful!



Just enter your Cost Price and then update any of the variables such as Markup or GP %, to instantly see the impact on the other statistics.

Possible Future Improvements

I will add some notes here about possible future improvements. This application is my first in the Windows 8 Mobile environment so it's pretty likely that there will be a bug or two to fix as well as a much needed interface overhaul as I learn about Windows Mobile 8 design styles!

Please submit suggestions for bug fixes or improvements to this app below in the feedback area.


  1. Needs to be able to add GST.

    Matt from New Zealand

  2. Thanks for the feedback Matt - I will look to see if this can be added in the next update as an optional field.

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